IMHR & MHF 41" Bay Pintaloosa, Maximum Sabino
Shadowfax is simply unforgettable, an amazing young sire of unbelievable potential. Named for a legendary king of horses, Shadowfax lives up to his name and surpasses his reputation. Shadowfax's movement was showcased in his Liberty class from a roar of the crowd and standing ovation. Shadow provided the crowd with an elevated extended trot, with a snort and quick buck he finished his display calmly approaching his trainer to be caught.

A proud and mythical stallion that I have been blessed to breed, descending from many big horse bloodlines to create a sire for the future, and a foundation for a new breed of miniature horse.

Shadowfax is sure to stamp his progeny with his mark, looks and undeniable superiority. Shadowfax is an amazing individual who can only be truly appreciated in the flesh, a vision of the future, blessed from the past. A chiseled head, with a large kind kind eye, tapered into a teacup muzzle. A showy excitable stallion, with a kind and gentle loving nature.

  • State Supreme Champion
  • Multiple Supreme Champion
  • Multiple Res. National Champion
La Bella Vista Starbuck
Bay Pintaloosa, 38.5"
Hideaway Simba
Chestnut Appaloosa, 34"
La Bella Vista Flash
Bay Pintaloosa, 38"
Unknown -
believed to be Palouse pony x Welsh
Unknown -
believed to be Arab desent
Gypsy Park Bella
Black Sabino Leopard Appy, 42"
IMHR #AU1481
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Koriana Park would like to thank Shadowfax's trainer and lifelong friend, Christine Cantrill of Centaur Mini Stud for working and developing our special boy into the show horse he is today. Shadowfax truly adores Christine and Koriana Park looks forward to the bright future in partnership with Centaur Mini Stud.