MHAA, IMHR & MHF 38.5"  Bay Sabino Pintaloosa  Stallion
  • Multiple State Champion
  • Reserve National Champion
  • NSW & QLD State Champion
  • Multiple Grand Champion & Supreme
La Bella Vista Starbuck
IMHR #AU1317, CMHR #A956, MHAA #SPAB45, AMHA (aust) TAC1243
38.5" on the wither
Hideaway Simba
Chestnut Appaloosa, 34"
True Dynamite
Chestnut, 28"
Valera Golden Highlights
Chestnut Appaloosa, 33"
La Bella Vista Beau
Brown Palouse, 36"
Twisty Welsh Derivative
Grey Tobiano, 44"
La Bella Vista Flash
Bay Pintaloosa, 38"
A unique and truly adaptable stallion. Starbuck directly descends from two Welsh bloodlines, which gives him an incredible free and extended action. Starbuck truly showed the Australian public what a little man can do, while winning his 2005 State Champion Liberty title. Starbuck, did a full diagonal in a suspended, extended trot, tail flagging and floating, to the cheer and awe of the crowd. I have been asked many times since when will he be coming back to do it all again.

Starbucks gentle nature is passed onto his foals, he has produced exceptionally leggy individuals who are making their mark on the miniature industry. A regal and extremely special individual who is now at home surveying his kingdom, watching his get and grand-get hold his colours high.

Starbuck is truly a gift from the stars .......

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