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2001 Silver Dapple Taffy, 37.5"
Lin-Di Bruce  x  Gunnadoo Emily
Challenger is one of the most exciting and truly unique stallions available. He is of true refined horse type, with an elegant neck, and very high natural tail set. Chally was a horse I had idolized for many years, watching him develop and grow from a young horse, always following his show career.

Chally was a horse of my dreams, I was fortunate enough to see one of his daughters, who was exactly what I imagined he would produce, she was truly exquisite. Sadly through the years I lost touch with Challengers breeder. Mandy knew how much I idolized her stallion, and always tried to let me know how he was doing. Though Chally was no longer on the show circuit I had never forgotten him.

At the IMHR NSW State show in 2010, which I was unable to attend due to being flood bound, I heard a whisper of a devine small horse stallion who had won Supreme. Of course I had to have a look, and while looking at the pictures online, I just knew this HAD to be Challenger. I checked the results and sure enough the boy was BACK with a BANG! AT the 2010 Nationals I caught up with a good friend, and now Chally's lucky owner, Andrew. I managed to see the boy one more time, and he was everything I remembered and more. I managed once again to keep an eye on the boy, and during  2011 I received an email I though I would never see. Chally was offered to me, to own! I jumped at the chance and have never regretted my decision. I can't thank his breeder Mandy, or his owner Andrew and Grant enough for this Mythical horse.

Multiple State GRAND, National GRAND, National Supreme, Royal Supreme Champion.