MHAA, IMHR & MHF 31" Buckskin Stallion
  • National & State Champion
Halter Trot & Performance
Shangrila NR Ryders Renegade
MHAA # SPA11414, IMHR #AU1361
Trios Night Ryder
(import) Black Appalossa, 31.5
Sir Tuckaway
Appaloosa, 31"
Shangrila GS Gold Sunset
Palomino Pinto, 32.5"
Trios Blue Nugget
Blue Roan, 30.75"
Solid Gold Sunseeker
(import) Palomino Pinto, 30"
Shagrila Tamara
Chestnut, 33.25"
Renegade is a kind and gentle stallion, with an amazing bascule. Built to perform and bred for championships. Renegade has not let his heritage down, achieving many ribbons before his early and sudden retirement.

An honest and willing stallion, who is adaptable and trainable with the heart of a lion, and the manners of a gentleman. Renegade moves with free flowing strides, with suspension and elegance far out-moving many stallions several inches or even hands taller. One trait many remember him for in the ring, is his high stepping, free swinging, elevated trot.

Renegade is proving himself within his progeny of long legged, balanced horses with soft loveable natures.
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